Workshops and Events

Bija Yoga Tasmania offers regular workshops and events including retreats. We highlight many teachers and facilitators with various skills that come from the local region as well as from overseas. 
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from 9 - 12pm

Yoga to know your story! 

In this workshop we will explore what we think our story is, use yoga to understand that story better and then create new stories to direct our future! It will include: 

~ writing prompts
~ a practice of yoga asana, pranayama and meditation
~ re-writing 
~ mantra

Often in yoga there is a pressure to be present and not think about past or future. But in this workshop we will actually confront our stories in order to be mindful when they come up in our practice and then use the practice to direct our future. Yoga is change and most of us want our future to include an ever changing and growing individual - One that is freer and freer of suffering.

Claiming your autobiography can be a part of our yoga! Directing desire can be a part of our yoga! Join Holli for three hours of exploring YOU!  

$27 - 3 hour virtual synchronous workshop!