I would highly recommend this course with Sacred Seeds. The teachers are fantastic! There's ongoing support throughout the training, the structure supports growing your knowledge along with forming great and lasting relationships.

Anonymous, Graduate 2017

Class of 2017

This yoga course has deepened my yoga practice on all levels. The dedication and knowledge of the teachers is instructive, guiding and inspiring. I feel luck this pathway opened in my life!

Lisa Herring, Graduate 2016 & Now a Bija Teacher

Class of 2016

The course for me was profoundly and intensely beautiful. While not always easy, it is from these challenges that a deepening occurs.The teachings of Sacred Seeds comes from the heart and are delivered in meaningful ways.

Holli has developed an inspiring course. She knits for us all a strong web from which we are held.

Lauren Johnson, Graduate 2018 & Now a Bija Teacher