Dear Bija Yoga Community,

I’m Rach, I’m so thrilled to be joining Holli and Jen in the business of Bija Yoga and expanding my involvement in the role of supporting teachers in Sacred Seeds Yoga School. Here is a bit about me and how I came to yoga, my passions and skills I’m bringing to the team, and my vision for the future.

I first started consciously practicing yoga when I was about fifteen, over ten years ago. At first, I was drawn to yoga because I found it a fun way to exercise. As I continued to practice yoga, I realised that it had far more to offer me.

Yoga became a practice that enabled me to deal with both the challenge and beauty of life. It helped me through times of high stress during my studies. My yoga practice taught me how to be with and process emotions, supported me in times of great change and growth as I became an adult and started to figure out who I was. I genuinely believe my yoga practice has been the most important factor in enabling me to cope with the madness and beauty that is being human. My yoga practice is continually solidifying and improving the baseline from which I live my life and has been a guide in finding and living my life from my truth. It is my own experience in developing and maintaining a yoga practice that has led me to being passionate about supporting and encouraging others to find their own unique version of a yoga practice.

I started going to Bija Yoga in Hobart as a student, an intimate yoga studio full of wonderfully real people with teachers offering a diverse skill set. I had been to many studios and yoga classes before but this one had a different feeling, and it felt like coming home, a home I had been seeking for a while. When Bija founder Holli asked if I had ever considered becoming a yoga teacher and told me about her Sacred Seeds 200hr teacher training, I was quick to jump on board. I studied my 200hr teacher training with Sacred Seeds Yoga School in 2017, the courses second year of running. I never expected to teach yoga, however by the time I completed this training in December of 2017, I felt a strong desire and need to support others in their yoga. I taught a few classes over the Summer at Cradle Mt as Cradle Mountain Yoga.

I have a steady appetite for learning, especially when it comes to yoga and continued studying with Bliss Baby Yoga, taking their Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training. When Sacred Seeds created an advanced 300hr teacher training in 2018 I knew I had to take part. During this study I transformed my yoga teaching business into Mountain Coast Yoga and continued with my yoga offerings on the North West Coast of Tassie. I am continually learning in both my own practice, teaching and in study. I am currently studying yoga for fertility with Bliss Baby Yoga.

Since 2017, I have taught classes in many forms and in many spaces, in nature, a church, a gym, a school, as a guest teacher for other yoga teachers, at hens parties, and at a local wellness centre. I have been lucky to have been able to interact, support and witness so many people and bodies and realise how diverse and yet connected we all are. Most recently I have been assisting Holli in teaching the Sacred Seeds Advanced 300hr teacher training, which I have enjoyed immensely. I have found the deeper connection and learning that is possible with people in a teacher training, is where I flourish as a teacher. In some respects, I may not have been teaching long, however, I believe my personal yoga practice of over ten years, my three years of teaching combined with my passion for supporting others in their practice and teaching, means I have a lot to offer other aspiring yoga students and teachers who come to Bija and Sacred Seeds Yoga School.

I believe great teachers are made from those first willing to be students and learn from their own experiences. I am particularly passionate about promoting responsibility for our own health and wellbeing, preparing for pregnancy, fertility and perinatal care, and the intricacies of being human and being in and part of the natural world. I am currently very fascinated by cycles in the natural world and how they exist within our human lives, which fits in beautifully with my interest in menstrual cycles and the cycle of birth, life, and death.

I see my involvement in Bija and SSYS as key in helping realise the vision of expanding SSYS to reach more people in Tasmania. I hope SSYS can support people in deepening their own yoga practice in an honest and real way setting them up for being able to realise the continued sharing of the teachings of yoga with others. The spread of the parampara (the breadcrumbs of knowledge passed from yoga teacher to yoga teacher) is something I feel deeply called to do.

The world is slowly shifting. We are all becoming more aware beings. As consciously living beings, we have an important responsibility to care for and remember our place in and as part of the natural world. Yoga has an important role to play in giving us the tools and knowledge we need as humans to follow this path of more conscious living. My part in this is to continue the movement of parampara, teaching teachers, so they may teach others eventually creating a flow on effect helping to spread the practice and teachings of yoga so it can support the conscious awakening of our truth, as individuals, and in union as living beings.