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200 Hour Teacher Training

Applications Now Open!


We start our one-on-one attention at the beginning of the application process.


Fill out your contact details to the right and we will send you an application and link to book a virtual conversation with one of our lead teachers.

Applications Close on January 27, 2023



200 Hour - More Details
including Schedule and Investment

300 Hour - More Details
including an example of the schedule and an estimate of the investment

Apply Here


Thanks for submitting!We will be in contact very soonwith your application process!

For five years Bija Yoga Tasmania offered weekly classes for a variety of yoga styles and modalities, to cater for all ages, abilities, experience and backgrounds.
Now we have refined our offerings. We have dedicated our business to deepening your yoga practice through our Sacred Seeds Yoga School and helping other's with their confidence and responsibility to share yoga and themselves with the world.  

We also offer longer intensive series online, in Hobart and in Northern Tasmania. Be on the look out for our events! 



Bija Yoga Tasmania / Hobart /Holli Gipson / fern / profile / teacher
Holli Gipson

Founder & Co-Director of BYT
Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist
 Director of SSYS

I began practicing yoga without knowing it was yoga.


As a teenager I used it to cope with major trauma in my life, I started stretching and breathing alone in my room.


This was incredibly powerful, innate and healing. 


I'm absolutely in love with my work, and I have a hunger to continue to learn this never-ending practice as well as continue growing what and how I teach.


Every time I step into our centre I'm so grateful for the space and for the beings I meet.



Bija Yoga Tasmania / Hobart /Jen Van-Achteren / fern / profile / teacher
Jen Van-Achteren

Co-Director of BYT
Yoga Teacher
Lead Teacher for SSYS
Women's Health Tasmania

Having started my yoga journey as a teenager, I returned to my practice years later after having spent too many years in my head using my intellect and forgetting to connect with my body, breath and spirit.

I am excited to share with others what I have learnt through my relationship with yoga including the many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Rach Cooper

Co-Director of BYT
SSYS Teacher
Yoga Teacher for pre-conception through to motherhood
Post partum doula ~ The Nesting Space Tas

Yoga has been an important part of my life since my teenage years.

Helping me manage and thrive in life through ill mental health, conception through pregnancy, birth & into motherhood. My yoga practice continues to alter depending on the stage of my life, but is always a huge presence in everything I do and how I live.

See my letter to the Bija Yoga Community expressing my vision and passion for joining Bija! 

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