Holli Sinn



Hatha, Seasonal Hatha, Gentle Hatha, Meditation


  • 200hr training with Dharma Yoga in Austin, Texas

  • 200hr training with Sacred Roots Yoga School in in Austin, Texas

  • Yoga Therapy with Swara Yoga in Bali, Indonesia

  • 300 hr The Lotus in The Flame, Traditional One-on-One Training

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Yoga Shoot by Paul Hoelen Photography_Q7



I began practicing yoga without knowing it was yoga. As a teenager to cope with major trauma in my life I started stretching and breathing alone in my room. This was incredibly powerful, innate and healing. Later during my graduate studies in Playwriting I found out there was an entire ancient practice dedicated to enriching people's lives by connecting the breath and body. Not only did I know that this practice was meant to be my path, but I very quickly felt the calling to teach this connection and practice to others.

At university I played basketball so I have always been very body conscious but yoga has provided a gentle and kind approach to physical activity. It also created a pathway toward healing and healthy living. After my initial yoga training in Austin with Dharma Yoga and deeper studies with Sacred Roots Yoga School, I studied yoga therapy with Swara Yoga in Tejukula, Bali. My latest training was an advance training with Melissa Spammer on various aspects of Anatomy, Ayurveda and the Yoga Sutras. 

I'm absolutely in love with my work, and I have a hunger to continue to learn this never-ending practice as well as continue growing what and how I teach. Every time I step into our centre I'm so grateful for the space and for the beings I meet. Jai!

Check out more at my website where you can book Yoga Therapy Sessions and Yoga Professional Mentor Sessions.

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