Devi Leela


Yoga Teacher and Sacred Seeds mentor and teacher


Diploma of Yogic Studies & Satyananda Yoga Teacher Training (3-year course)


Raja Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Gentle Hatha, Hatha

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Devi Leela _ Bija Yoga Tasmania _ Sacred


After ten years of exploration into various spiritual traditions and healing modalities in my twenties, I discovered the yoga lineage of Satyananda Yoga and spent the next ten years living at Satyananda yoga ashrams in Australia and in India.

From 2006 to 2009, I lived and studied at Mangrove Mountain Yoga Ashram in NSW whilst completing the Diploma of Yoga Studies & Satyananda Yoga Teacher Training. Then to further deepen my understanding of yoga and spiritual life under the guidance of Swami Niranjanananda, I undertook a 3-year sannyasa training course from 2012 to 2015 at the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger, India.​

Between these two intensive training periods I fell in love with Hobart and returned at the beginning of 2016. Several months later I became part of the yoga community at Bija Yoga.


I currently teach Gentle Hatha yoga and Raja Yoga at Bija, as well as specialized workshops. Although the practices might differ, the main aim of each class is to provide the space for people to connect to themselves, to energize the body and mind, to release tensions and to walk out renewed and relaxed.

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