Lisa Herring


Yoga teacher


  • 200hr Sacred Seeds Yoga School


Hatha yoga

Lisa Herring _ Bija Yoga Tasmania _ Sacr


I have been fortunate to have had amazing teachers on my path and I have received so many valuable teachings and energies in this process – my inspiration is to share these teachings with others who may equally benefit, to enrich the everyday moments of our lives.
Words that inspire my classes:
cleansing . fluid . connecting with energy . connecting with breath . change . recognise the healing abilities of the body, mind, spirit . by observing and feeling, healing and being . to let yourself have space to connect with your body, with calm, peace, inner strength and ease . you deserve the time for yoga . feel . heal . be​


My formative teachings in hatha yoga I received from Natalie Almond in Sydney; alongside I was inspired by my practice of Tai Chi with Mark Boys.  I turned to yoga as a natural pathway choice to stimulate self-healing (non-medicinal); I wanted to connect with nature and the natural to find health. Yoga teacher training has deepened my connection with this practice and enabled the sharing aspect.​


As a graduate of Bija’s 200hr Sacred Seeds teacher training course (2016), I am always happy for the opportunity to teach at this gorgeous space for yoga practice.  Following my training, I was a sunrise flow teacher at Bija and continue to date as a relief teacher for the strong tribe of regular and accomplished teachers, mostly in the range of Hatha classes offered and more recently in Raja yoga.

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