Conny Seidel


Yoga Teacher 


200h Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Sacred Seed Yoga School (Hobart)

65h Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Jo Phee from Yinspiration (Hobart)


Yin and hatha yoga



I am a Hatha Yoga Teacher at Bija Yoga in Hobart where I teach a gentle vinyasa class and sub for teacher colleges for different classes. I added a 65h yin yoga training to my education and also enjoy the opportunities to teach it.I enjoy teaching different classes and styles to widen my experiences as a teacher.
I like to be creative in my teachings and love to integrate chakras, seasons, meditation, acupuncture pressure points /meridians into my classes.

I believe that every student comes into a class with a different intention and takes something away after he leaves the mat. I am there to guide my students safely through a yoga practice of my style and respect their intention and being aware of the different anatomy, restrictions and injuries every student. We move together through yoga asanas and reconnect with our body and mind which we often disconnect throughout the day. Taking deep breaths and keeping the qui & energy flowing while moving and in stillness.

My intension is the same for every class:
Bringing you the benefits of practising yoga, they can be small for some and bigger for others, they may grow bigger for some, and maybe some can take them home, or to work or on holiday, they may change over time. I am just handing out the tool I was given once​

I came to yoga 10 years as a physical practise by a close friend & teacher. Chronic migraines was a reason for be to practice and improve my physical health. Later on it help my day to day with stress and anxiety.Over the years I practiced different lineages of yoga and got to know more about the history & philosophies around yoga. I started to connect more with the deeper meanings and lifestyle of yoga and it lead my way in life especially over the last few years. Yoga for me is a choice of lifestyle and my path to a more connected person with myself, others, natures, other livings and my surroundings.​