For five years Bija Yoga Tasmania offered in person weekly classes for a variety of yoga styles and modalities, to cater for all ages, abilities, experience and backgrounds. Now we have downsized and have taken those offerings to monthly series and dedicated more time to our training program to deepen your practice.


You will discover a yoga practice at Bija to best serve your needs. Drawing on the intentions of our great teachers, and our own deep personal convictions, we aim to help the student heal first, if needed, and then help them thrive! By caring for the individual, attentively and sincerely, we believe this then creates a positive impact on our community and our world.  


We've created a multi-layered educational system, addressing every person who walks through our doors, including if you have a mental or physical ailment, and no matter how long you've been practising yoga. You are welcomed here.


We hope the techniques you learn will permeate into the rest of your life. Bija means seed, and here you can sow seeds for your personal growth, health and the intention you bring to your practice. 


Vision Statement

Thriving and caring individuals and communities are responsible citizens of the universe.



Mission Statement

Nurturing the seeds for healing and growth of individuals and communities through the teaching and praxis of yoga.

Bija Yoga Tasmania _ Sacred Seeds Yoga School
Yoga Shoot by Paul Hoelen Photography_Q7
Yoga Shoot by Paul Hoelen Photography_Q7