About Our 300 Hour Training

2022 will be our 3rd year for our 300 hour program. Along with deepening and expanding a 200 hour training, this next level will prepare you to deeply reflect and investigate your teachings and own inner life through the lens of the elements. We dive into the five elements through the chakra and meridian systems as well as the Ayurveda Constitutions in order to better serve the seasons with our classes and better understand the individual.  


The Schedule

Our 300 Hour Training is over a 15 - 19 month period,
with rolling enrollment. It includes online learning, two 10-day retreats, 5 workshops and one-on-one online mentorship.

Press on the PDF button below to get a more detailed schedule and descriptions of each step. 

Anatomical Model

Module 1



Module 4

Integration Retreat


Module 2

Elemental Retreat

Yoga Mat

Module 5

Final Assignments

Yoga Class

Module 3



Investment Options
To hold your spot regardless of payment plan you will need to make a deposit of $750 that goes toward your tuition.

Investment Option 1

Pay in full


(after deposit)

Investment Option 2

Pay By Module

M1 = $750
M2 = $2,000
M3 = 1,327
M4 = $2,000
M5 = $750

Deposit goes toward
Module 1

Investment Option 3

Monthly Payments


18 monthly payments 
(after deposit)

Early Bird Special
$400 Off
If paid in full by March 1 2022

5% off
Any Investment
for SSYS
200 Hour Graduates